Mobile Devices and Apps for Health Care Professionals: Uses and Benefits

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This app for anybody wanting to prepare for and recover from hip, knee, hand or foot surgery. Clinical review. The app provides written information about physiotherapy and workout plans with videos demonstrating how exercises should be carried out. It also consists of tips on walking soon after hip and knee surgery, walking using a frame or crutches, managing discomfort, and strategies for showering, dressing and getting in and out of vehicles.

The app features a calendar that reminds patients when to exercise.

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It is a violation of these Terms for You to use the App in violation of any applicable to constitute medical advice or recommendations upon which a user may rely. agree to provide true, accurate, current, complete and up-to-date information.

The use of mobile devices by health care professionals HCPs has transformed many aspects of clinical practice. Mobile devices and apps provide many benefits for HCPs, perhaps most significantly increased access to point-of-care tools, which has been shown to support better clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes. The introduction of mobile computing devices personal digital assistants [PDAs], followed by smartphones and tablet computers has greatly impacted many fields, including medicine.

Health care professionals now use smartphone or tablet computers for functions they used to need a pager, cellphone, and PDA to accomplish. The first mobile device that incorporated both communication and computing features was the Blackberry, which was introduced in Perhaps most notably, in January , Apple launched the first-generation iPhone. Without a doubt, medicine is one of the disciplines that has been profoundly affected by the availability of mobile devices.

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Mobile app types can be summarised into three categories. Therefore you cannot be sure that you are accessing the most up-to-date legislation or advice.

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Remember Me. App is intended for physicians seeking medical advice in the area of implant infections. Since its introduction it has become one of the most popular clinical tools. I like especially the treatment by organisms. I love it! The doses are on point, and the infection confirmation calculator is awesome. I love it and I use it quite often. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Online consultation portal for all surgical infections.

Prosthetic Joint Infection. Fracture-Related Infection.

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