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A new strain of mosquito has been engineered to self-destruct within a generation. Key West, Florida is considering unleashing these bugs to keep dengue fever at bay. Michael S. Doyle, Executive Director of the Key West Mosquito Control District tells host Bruce Gellerman that the genetically modified mosquitoes could save money and serious discomfort. Luke Alphey, Scientific Officer at Oxitec, the British company behind the bugs, promises limited risks with genetically engineered mosquitoes. Officials in Key West are hoping to enlist the new mosquito in their fight against Dengue

Insect Population Control Using a Dominant, Repressible, Lethal Genetic System

The successful candidate will lead experimental work on a new BBSRC-funded project to explore the possibility of developing stress-tolerant honey bees, in particular bees less affected by exposure to viral pathogens. The post-holder will report to the senior postdoc on the grant and to Luke Alphey, the Head of Arthropod Genetics and Principal Investigator on the grant. Grant funding is for 36 months. This job description is only an outline of the tasks, responsibilities and outcomes required of the role.

The job description and personal specification may be reviewed on an ongoing basis in accordance with the changing needs of The Pirbright Institute. Employees are also expected to safeguard their own health and safety and security by following policies and all e mployees are responsible for the Health and Safety and security of staff under their management.

Date listed: 15/6/ ALPHEY. Bruce The committee and members of the Altona Roosters Cricket Club express our deepest sympathies at the passing of.

James Smith Sr. Until a camping trip this weekend, the pair whom locals and authorities are calling heroes had never even met. However, both died Saturday after jumping into the Sabine River at U. Oh, I sure hate that. The two-day search for Kimmey and Smith ended Monday morning. Authorities from Newton, Orange and Jasper County sheriff’s offices, Beauregard and Calcasieu parish sheriff offices, state game wardens and the Jasper County Emergency Corps divers were all involved in the weekend.

Family and friends who had gathered at the river’s edge as searchers scoured the river sobbed and hugged as the bodies were brought out. The pink raft family members identified as belonging to the young girls washed up downstream on the other side of the river. As a fire smoldered near two tents where family members had kept a vigil throughout the weekend, many sat in fold-up chairs near the river or leaned on pickup trucks waiting for news of their loved ones. Kimmey was recovered first about a.

Smith was found about a. Leslie Kimmey , Alphey’s sister-in-law, said she and her husband, Don, who is Alphey’s brother, and her two children Jessica, 13, and Eric, 14, her cousin, Melissa McDonald , and Smith had all arrived at the site Thursday before dinnertime.

Luke Alphey (United Kingdom)

Insect muscle actin promoter. Patent number: Abstract: Provided is a gene expression system, suitable for expression in an insect, comprising an insect muscle actin promoter operably linked to a marker gene, which overcomes or ameliorates one or more of: cost of rearing; amount of handling; errors in identification due to human error or loss of marker by the insect; and health concerns related to the effects of marker powders on workers in mass rearing facilities.

Type: Grant. Filed: June 23, Date of Patent: October 1,

Anticipated Start Date: January Principal Supervisors: Prof Luke Alphey (​The Pirbright Institute), Dr Rob Noad (Royal Veterinary.

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The technique of DNA Sequencing lies at the heart of modern molecular biology. Since current methods were first introduced, sequence databases have grown exponentially, and are now an indispensable research tool. This up-to-date, practical guide is unique in covering all aspects of the methodology of DNA sequencing, as well as sequence analysis.

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So, naturally, the best way to fight these life-threatening diseases is at their source. Historically, malaria and dengue control strategies have incorporated insect population control using insecticides, but in recent years, researchers have turned to genetic engineering. After many years of hopeful development, such genetically modified mosquitoes might finally be close to proving their worth. Field tests of genetically-sterilized mosquitoes, targeted at dengue-carrying species, are demonstrating encouraging suppression of mosquito populations, while a variety of genetically manipulated malaria- or dengue-resistant mosquitoes are nearing their chance at tackling mosquito-borne infections outside the laboratory.

A similar strategy, known as the sterile insect technique SIT , has been used to successfully shrink populations of tsetse flies, which carry the parasite that causes sleeping sickness. In SIT, male insects are sterilized through irradiation, then released into the wild, where they breed with wild females, but produce no offspring, thereby cutting the size of the next generation. By regularly releasing enough sterile males, officials can drastically reduce the number of disease-carrying insects.

He modified Aedes aegytpi , the primary carriers of dengue fever, to express a lethal toxin as larvae—but only when not exposed to the antibiotic tetracycline. A diet of tetracycline-rich food allows GM insects to develop normally in the lab, then released into the wild where there is no tetracycline, and progeny inheriting the toxin gene will be killed before adulthood.

The same year, Alphey formed the company Oxitec to implement his modified mosquitoes in the field. To date, Oxitec has collaborated with governments in the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil to begin releasing his mosquitoes in dengue-plagued areas.

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Expression of a mutant form of MYPTD that is unable to bind PP1 results in elevation of Sqh phosphorylation in vivo and leads to phenotypes that can also be suppressed by reducing the amount of active myosin. Nonmuscle myosin II, a molecular motor closely related to vertebrate smooth muscle myosin, powers the actomyosin cytoskeleton.

It is required for the coordinated changes in the shape and position of individual cells during morphogenesis as well as for cytokinesis and other cell movements.

Luke Alphey, Pirbright Institute, UK @ To date, most risk assessments have been conducted by people who are.

This invention relates to the control of diseases caused by parasitic nematodes in plants and mammals. Since the early s many chemical compounds active against plant parasitic nematodes have been available. These have often displayed undesirable toxic effects, for example the fumigant dibromochloropropane was withdrawn from the market in , as it was thought to cause sterility in workers.

During the ‘s fumigant type nematicides were largely superseded by granular systemic nematicides. These have been in use since then, a representative compound being oxamyl. These compounds are mainly oximecarbamates or organophosphate derivatives, and because of their toxicity have to be used in a strictly controlled manner. Accordingly it would be of benefit to have anti-nematode agents that are environmentally favourable, i.

Additional prior art is referred to in a separate section after “Summary of the Invention”, without which its context would not be clear. The present invention provides the use of the compound 2R,5R-dihydroxymethyl-3R,4R-dihydroxypyrrolidine DMDP STR2 or an acid addition salt thereof, for use in controlling diseases caused by parasitic nematodes in plants, including crops, and in mammals. The invention also includes seeds, dressed, coated or impregnated with DMDP or a said salt thereof.

Dr Nina Alphey

Invasive species remain one of the greatest threats to global biodiversity. Their control would be enhanced through the development of more effective and sustainable pest management strategies. Recently, a novel form of genetic pest management GPM has been developed in which the mating behaviour of insect pests is exploited to introduce genetically engineered DNA sequences into wild conspecific populations.

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Genetic Biocontrol for Invasive Species. John L. Teem, J. Alphey, S. Descamps, M. Edgington, O. Edwards, N. Gemmell, T. Harvey-Samuel, R. Melnick, K. Oh, A. Piaggio, R. Saah, D.

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Pest insects do enormous damage to human health transmitting diseases such as dengue fever and malaria and to agriculture damaging crops or livestock. Controlling pest species while minimising the adverse consequences to the environment is a major challenge for sustainable agricultural production and for public health. Novel genetics-based methods are being developed to mitigate the harm done by insects.

My research uses mathematical modelling to analyse the many interesting issues raised by these new biological approaches.

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Login English. Site Search. Item request has been placed! Item request cannot be made. Processing Request. Dilution of genetic traits Item request has been placed! Publication Date: August 16, Patent Number: 7,, Undesirable genetic traits, such as resistance to toxin, can be inhibited or reversed by introducing sexually compatible individuals substantially homozygous for the sensitive allele, such as the wild type, into the target population.

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The present invention relates to breeding strategies for reducing the frequency of, or eliminating, genetic traits, such as pesticide resistance, in a target population. Ways of controlling pests, and especially those which attack important harvests or which are capable of spreading disease, are continually being sought. With each new strategy that is found, for eliminating or neutralising a pest, comes the concern that the pest in question will develop resistance, or become immune, to the strategy.

For example, the Cry1Ac protein from Bacillus thuringiensis can successfully be expressed in many important crops, and is effective as a pesticide, both when used as a spray or when expressed by the plants themselves.

technology have been filed by Oxitec with Luke Alphey named as inventor Five The company has raised venture capital in four funding rounds to date.

Exports of genetically modified GM mosquito eggs for open release require notification to the UK and EC by the exporter, including risk assessments and emergency plans. GeneWatch has obtained documents which show that Oxitec did not meet the necessary legal requirements for its exports of GM mosquito eggs to Cayman and Brazil. It establishes an advance informed agreement AIA procedure for LMOs that are exported for intentional introduction to the environment.

Article 4 requires the company exporting a GMO for deliberate release into the environment to ensure notification, in writing, to the importing country prior to the first intentional transboundary movement. Article 6 requires these documents to be supplied to the government of the exporting country and to the European Commission. The Commission is supposed to make these documents available to the public in accordance with the Community rules on access to environmental information.

Article 12 specifies the documents that accompany exports of GMOs for contained use or for deliberate release. Article 13 requires the exporter to notify the export to governments that have taken the decision to regulate transit of GMOs through their territory. These regulations make the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs responsible for enforcing the legal requirements.

The email states that this is the only notification concerning a transboundary movement for release into the environment by Oxitec, “as it seems that their other exports have been for the purpose of contained use”. The main document lists the information provided by Oxitec. Appendix 2 : A risk assessment which states it was prepared in October This is the same one released to the UK Parliament in January

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Date listed: 13/6/ ALPHEY. — Bruce. – Loving and loved brother of Noreen, Shirley (dec), Allan (dec). Great brother-in-law to Ern, Lorrie.

Aedes mosquitoes include important vector species such as Aedes aegypti , the major vector of dengue. Genetic control methods are being developed for several of these species, stimulated by an urgent need owing to the poor effectiveness of current methods combined with an increase in chemical pesticide resistance. In this review we discuss the various genetic strategies that have been proposed, their present status, and future prospects.

We focus particularly on those methods that are already being tested in the field, including RIDL and Wolbachia -based approaches. Aedes mosquitoes transmit a range of pathogens that cause substantial human morbidity, mortality, and suffering. Dengue, the most important mosquito-borne viral disease with 50— million infections per year worldwide, 1 , 2 is transmitted primarily by Ae.

Several other Aedes species are competent vectors for dengue in the laboratory and Ae. A vaccine has long been available for yellow fever, but remains some way off for dengue, following disappointing results from a recent large trial of the leading candidate. However, current mosquito control methods have limited effectiveness against some key species which breed in small dispersed bodies of water. For Ae. Both private properties and public spaces will have large numbers of such potential breeding sites.

Each one may be treated easily by tipping out the water or treating with a chemical or biological toxin, however finding and treating a high enough proportion for effective control is extremely difficult and impractical in most settings. Adulticides are also of limited effectiveness, compounded by increased resistance and the relative ineffectiveness of bednets against day-biting mosquitoes. The inadequacy of current technology is clear: for example, the efficient and well-resourced programme in Singapore, working with a cooperative citizenry, has not been able to prevent epidemic dengue.

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